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June 27, 2015

Double the fun and double the experience; the Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD review

Why choose Toyota Hilux Double Cab?

The Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD. I still feel like rewriting the name all over again to place to it the emphasis it deserves but for now we will call it Toyota Hilux Double Cab or even alternatively I will often call it a Double Cabin, so keep the other details in mind. This model is what I would refer to as my dream car. You may wonder if I lack a sense of fashion not to have the much heralded cars like Ferrari or the Range series. These are all good cars and it’s simply easy to fall in love with them. But what couldn’t you do with the new [...]

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