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October 16, 2015

Gorilla Sports Red Rubber Kettlebell 28kg

Let me start by defining what a good kettlebell is.

1) Duruability/quality: In my opinion it is number 1. priority. If you buy a kettlebell you want some decent quality for your money. Does the kettlebell gets damaged after use? Then it’s a bad one.

2) Price: Does the kettlebell has a reasonable price? excoriations after use

3) Material of the horns: Does the material injury your hands? Do you have excoriations after Military presses ? Then it is bad.

So this are the princepels on which I judge the kettlebell.

to 1) I used the kettlebell for about 2 years almost daily, at least 5x times week. I do military presses, goblet squats, swings, [...]

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