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June 6, 2015

Ten Things you should know about Turin, the devil s city.

Top TenHeat IndexSORT       1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisThen things you should know about Turin All TimeSORT  1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisTurin, the most mysterious city in Southern Europe, rises along the Po river. The legend was told by Emanuele Thesauro (poet and historian 1562-1654) in “Historia dell’augusta città di Torino” (LINK1) and says that the town was founded by an Egyptian prince, Eridano . He left The Egypt because of disagreements with the priests castes. Crossed the Mediteranean Sea, and arrived in the North of Italy in which  he discovered a river, the Po, that reminds him the Nile, so he settle [...]

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February 25, 2015

Grand Hotel Palatino in Rome

I was in Rome, Italy on a leisure trip with two other friends.  Rome was one city out of our three destination vacation package. This was my very first vacation out of the United States and a 30th birthday/graduation present to myself.

My friends and I wanted the best experience possible. We wanted certain features, like a safety box for our passports and important documents. It was also important to us that the hotel be conveniently located near tourist attractions and/or public transportation. Our hotel guide provided a list of five star hotels which fit our requirements and received positive reviews from other travelers.

After spending a few days going over the list [...]

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February 2, 2015

Dancing Around Answers

Dancing Around the Answers

Some answers in life can never be found while others must be worked for. It takes determination and even a pinch of obsession to find some of the answers we seek in life. Even when we think our journey should be simple, it is not. We always regret that we never ask the right questions when it is too late. Is it ever too late to find the answers we seek?

History is full of both questions and answers. Everyone is affected differently by the events of history, swept up in it. All family histories are tangled together. Paul Paolicelli finds out just how entangled it can become in his book Dances [...]

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