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February 11, 2015

Sony PlayStation 4 review: The gaming console from the future

Sony has been hugely successful with its PlayStation 3 console launched way back in 2006. Although it was one of the top gaming consoles on the market aside from its direct rival Xbox 360, Sony had to reconstruct the PS3’s design for three revisions until they have attained the “super slim” status. Nine years from that historic launch, another milestone empowers Sony’s vision for the console of the future. With the launch of the PlayStation 4, the next-generation of gaming is in our hands (and controllers). This is the comprehensive review of the Sony PlayStation 4. Know everything about the PS4 that makes it a futuristic proposition for a console for the [...]

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February 7, 2015

Xbox One review: A console that’s future-proof than ever

Microsoft has been hugely successful with the Xbox console franchise. In fact, its Xbox 360 proved itself to be the living room’s best all-in-one entertainment device. But with the technologies today, the 360 is on paving its way to legacy as the 10-year-old console has a fairly weak set of components than is expected for the future. Microsoft has took the big leap in the advancement of the Xbox with its release of the Xbox One – a gaming console that doesn’t just serve its purpose in gaming, but also to be the go-to all-in-one general entertainment device that centers your living space. This is the review of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s leap forward to the future of [...]

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