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June 16, 2015

Cities that say “Love” more than anything

Well, you have probably heard people say that “Love isn’t something that you find, but rather Love finds you.” Well I’m not here to contradict or support that statement. All I’m here to say is that once in a while we tend to develop certain strong feelings for others (notice I’m not calling it “Love” basically because the word is overrated and underrated in equal measure). We do this because we need these people in our lives. They seem to complete our existence; they are people you will do something for, not say words and admire their faces. For the beautiful words that are crafted by wordsmiths (that’s right, “wordsmiths), who seem to be stuck in a [...]

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June 6, 2015

Ten Things you should know about Turin, the devil s city.

Top TenHeat IndexSORT       1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisThen things you should know about Turin All TimeSORT  1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisTurin, the most mysterious city in Southern Europe, rises along the Po river. The legend was told by Emanuele Thesauro (poet and historian 1562-1654) in “Historia dell’augusta città di Torino” (LINK1) and says that the town was founded by an Egyptian prince, Eridano . He left The Egypt because of disagreements with the priests castes. Crossed the Mediteranean Sea, and arrived in the North of Italy in which  he discovered a river, the Po, that reminds him the Nile, so he settle [...]

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May 24, 2015

Why Everyone should visit Paris

Why should I visit Paris, over the other famous cities? I know this question has constantly crossed your mind every time you plan to go on a family trip, honey moon, or even want to go to do an executive shopping. Last summer, my family had a hard time choosing the most effective city to have a quality time over the summer season. Most of you already know the meaning of this as you must have gone through the tedious process at some point in your life, or even better, you might be going through the same crisis right now. Finally after a lot of debating and rough moments of deciding the most effective option, Paris finally got the most votes.

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May 24, 2015

10 most dangerous roads in the world

Roads were first introduced to aid n the movement of people and goods from one location to another. However, different modes of construction were available and the roads were located in exclusively different regions. Since the sole purpose of the roads was to enable access to many interior areas that were previously inaccessible, they ended up being located on many unexpected locations. Consequently, the issue of risky as well as dangerous roads emerged that needed the driver to pay close attention to them when using them. The roads that are found on risky areas are the primary causes of many accidents worldwide. There are known spots on these roads that [...]

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