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October 15, 2016

Review of the all new Renault Kadjar 2016

After taking the Renault Kadjar for a test drive in Tuscany (Italy), I would say that it competes reasonably well within it’s range. Here are my thoughts in the form of a review:

At first sight, the Renault Kadjar seems like a smaller version of a Porsche Cayenne – and for anyone who’d like to drive a vehicle like that without polluting the environment, driving a Kadjar with a 1.2 petrol engine seems to be the way forward. Make no mistake, that with competitors like the Opel Mokka and Audi Q3/Q5 range, the Mazda CX5, the Nissan Qashqai and others, this is a tight space to compete

The Renault Kadjar is good to drive, with a range of powerful yet [...]
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June 27, 2015

Double the fun and double the experience; the Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD review

Why choose Toyota Hilux Double Cab?

The Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD. I still feel like rewriting the name all over again to place to it the emphasis it deserves but for now we will call it Toyota Hilux Double Cab or even alternatively I will often call it a Double Cabin, so keep the other details in mind. This model is what I would refer to as my dream car. You may wonder if I lack a sense of fashion not to have the much heralded cars like Ferrari or the Range series. These are all good cars and it’s simply easy to fall in love with them. But what couldn’t you do with the new [...]

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February 17, 2015

2015 Volkswagen Passat Review

For the year 2015, the VW Passat receives an updated engine which takes pride of its 10 more horsepower and fuel efficiency that is way better than the previous one. The new Volkswagen Passat 2015 is considered by many as a top choice especially for those who are after an executive saloon. Now in its 4th year with a few obvious changes, the new Passat comes in a mid-sized sedan which is conservatively styled and generously proportioned with a price that is kept approachable. Brief Description of the Car From the outside, the Volkswagen Passat 2015 looks kind of plain and simple. It is a big car although it can’t be considered as gigantic with it seeming a perfect size for a mid-size [...]

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February 16, 2015

The Chevrolet Colorado is Back and Better Than Ever for 2015

Just when we thought compact pickup trucks were a thing of the past, Chevrolet announced the resurrection of their Colorado for 2015. It was only a few years ago that both Chevrolet and Ford said goodbye to their line of compact pickup trucks. Their popularity had dwindled and with the introduction of full-size pickups with better fuel economy, it only made sense to discontinue them. Now with the trend of buyers looking for smaller crossovers opposed to large SUVs, Chevrolet is giving those that want to enjoy the driving experience and functionality of a full-size pickup in a smaller, more fuel-saving form. Motor Trend is so impressed with the Colorado that they have named it the [...]

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