Awesome performance
- Fair fuel economy
- Beautiful roof-line
- The V8 is more muscular
- An appealing interior
- More luxurious look and feel
- Improved safety and comfort


- Exterior not that striking
- The roar sounds buzzy and artificial
- The V8 lacks the signature snarl

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Enter the main article for your first review article (500 words minimum): For all lovers of the pony-car with a real meaning of horsepower, 2015 will be a good year. The all new coupe has joined the luxury team and has a lot to offer including enough muscle that takes it from the comfortable lane to an adrenaline level that competes fairly in the world of sports cars. For a 50th anniversary gift, the 2015 Mustang is a great fit for a car that is American to the last nut and bolt.
The new Mustang is not a total change from the existing models; it just features some additions and changes that gives it a more luxurious personality as opposed to the aggressive appearance of its predecessors. The now graceful and pretty canopy sits on muscular hunches with some new details that were absent in the previous models. The tail lamp panel is now a bit tilted, and the headlamps have some hash marks. The interior of the vehicle takes the mustang to new heights literary. When you open the door, you will not fail to notice that what the vehicle offers is an aviation theme. The instrumentation is now larger and clearer thanks to the roomier cabin. Controls are improved especially with the ergonomics, tactile knobs and switches.
The cabin has a more youthful look that can compete well in the category of luxury coupes. While the exterior and interior looks are revolutionary, what makes headlines is what is beneath the 2015 Mustang. The vehicle got a new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that injects better performance to the vehicle even though the underwhelming can fool a lot of people. The GT packs an amazing 485 horsepower and when compared to its immediate ancestor it performs quite impressively. The improved tracking, ride control and stability can be attributed to the independent rear suspension, wider track and the fact that the engineers at Ford were focused on outclassing major competitors of the Mustang.
The ultimate gift to Mustang lovers has to be the Launch control which allows you to knock off the 0-60 mph times. The second gift is the line lock which enables the NHRA-grade smoky burnout. The front seats are comfortable and spacious and will do exceptionally well for two. The rear seats are not that bad and the trunk is quite small compared to previous models.
For people who have an appreciation for the convertible, they will get a chance to enjoy the multilayer insulated cloth top which gives the vehicles an upscale look and quiets down the cabin. The top has been given a speed injection and will lower twice as fast as the previous Mustangs and gives the vehicle a sleek new appearance when down.
Not a lot can be said about the crash tests for the 2015 Ford Mustang, but there are details about the features which have been installed in the vehicle to ensure that the driver and the passengers are all safe in case of an accident. Some of the high-tech features that have been added to the standard safety mechanism include the steering systems rear-view camera, blind sport monitors, transmission and throttle systems, adjustable stability and standard Bluetooth.
This Mustang has received EPA certification based on the fuel economy ratings of the different trims. The manual EcoBoost is at 22/31/26 mpg and the manual GT is at 15/26/19 mpg. The V6 base is however a disappointment with a low 19/28 or 22 mpg rating for the auto-transmission and a lower rating of 17/28 mpg or 21 mpg for the manual. Given the performance of the GT the 16/25 mpg and 19 mpg combined rating is quite impressive.
The Ford Mustang 2015 has received exterior changes which are not much but have made the vehicle softer and less aggressive. The vehicle comes with better performance and appearance though the weak roaring sound from under the hood can make you think otherwise. For muscle car lovers, especially those in love with the pony car, the 2015 Mustang is a great purchase.

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