The Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD is a very fun car to have and has your economic concerns taken care of. Truth is that there is just much you get from purchasing this car.


The change between the wheel drives can be quite a task for anyone who's not ready or not used to. The fuel consumption is a sorry for anyone.

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The car is important for people with businesses as it takes care of all you require and it quite balances on whatever surface you choose to use it on. It's cheap to maintain considering the warranty that it comes with.

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Why choose Toyota Hilux Double Cab?

Toyota Hilux Double Cab

The Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD. I still feel like rewriting the name all over again to place to it the emphasis it deserves but for now we will call it Toyota Hilux Double Cab or even alternatively I will often call it a Double Cabin, so keep the other details in mind. This model is what I would refer to as my dream car. You may wonder if I lack a sense of fashion not to have the much heralded cars like Ferrari or the Range series. These are all good cars and it’s simply easy to fall in love with them. But what couldn’t you do with the new Toyota Hilux Double Cab. It’s got everything you need as any kind of driver you are or whatever businesses you need the car for. Follow me closely and find out just why I chose to review this car. It is also possible to arrange a title loan for this vehicle if you’re in Florda: http://www.autotitleloans-tampa.com/

Winning since its introduction

From its time of introduction in 2005, the Toyota industry has advanced its technology and the 2010 Hilux model has the most fascinating features making it the most promiscuous icon in the 20th century. The model wasn’t only an icon in the 20th century but in the 21st century as well, and with the look of things, it’s bound to keep up the same record. Some of the adjustments made on the earlier models include the reduction in the size of the two available diesel engines. The standard chassis enables the driver to shift from two to four-wheel drive, as well as from low to high ratio gearing. The top speed, pulling power as well as the acceleration have also much been meliorated.

The automobile also has the advantage of the Automatic Disconnecting Differential that disconnects the front differential when the system is switched to the two-wheel drive. This disconnection significantly aids in fuel consumption conservation, refinement, and drivability on roads. Another feature that sells the brand is the ability to switch from four drives to two drives on the road as well as from two drives to four drives when the driver’s speed is below 3mph. I would say I prefer this double cab to the single cab; I don’t know about you though since the single or the extra cab isn’t a horrible choice either. This automobile is multifunctional and can serve as a family vehicle and at the same time be your working truck to help you transport any amount of load. The four-wheel drive will enable you to work at any part of the country regardless of its physical appearance, while the two-wheel drive will enable you to easily move around the city without consuming a large amount of fuel. The Hilux will come in a variety of colors ranging from silver to dark shades such as blue that makes it suitable as a lifestyle vehicle.

The vehicle dimensions are a length of 5135mm, width of 170mm, height of 1860mm, and a wheelbase of 385mm. The cabin’s dimensions are a length of 1520mm, a width of 1515mm, and a height of 450mm. It uses diesel fuel and has a capacity of 76 liters. Its engine type is diesel with a code of 1KD-FTV and a capacity of 2982cc. The engine description constitutes four cylinders with an in-line configuration with a head composition of light alloy as well as a DOHC valve gear type. The steering type is Rack and pinion with five manual gears. It has two disc brakes and two ventilated disc brakes with a brake rotor size of 297×25.

To ensure its safety on the road, the Hilux has anti-skid brakes of standard level, electronic brake distribution, traction control, vehicle stability control, brake assistant, airbags for both the driver as well as the passengers. For its sound system, it has audio am & fm, with single CD, and an mp3 compatibility. Its lighting system comprises courtesy lights and map lights at the front both of which are standard. Another fascinating feature about the Hilux is that its warranty expires three years after the day of delivery.

The features I have highlighted above are some of the most prolific features about the Toyota Hilux, but not everything is contained in my list. If I give you everything, I might destroy the fun of getting the surprisingly long-term contentment from the brand after purchasing it. I will soon update you on the rest of the juicy details after I get my personal opinion, or you can add some more details and give me another reason to love the brand. And if you have any question about any bit of the mode you feel I didn’t fully expound on, just post the question and I will be happy to help. Don’t forget to send me the photos after you make your purchase to help rejoice in your tremendous accomplishment.

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