Kiss of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

by March 11, 2015

The book gave more insight into the Daimons that are considered the enemy of the Dark Hunters. It gave depth into their characters and not just someone to hate.


There were some details that were not clear. I am still not quite sure how Wulf was tricked into giving his soul.

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Final thoughts:

It was a great book regardless of the unclear explanations. It was made memorable by the introduction of the Daimons, their ranks and the Greek goddess Apollymi. The story holds lessons on love, living and acceptance.

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Kiss of the Night is the fourth book of the Dark Hunter series written by paranormal romance author Sherrilyn Kenyon. This was published on April 4, 2004.


Wulf, a Viking warrior was tricked by a god, his soul stolen and traded with Artemis. One night of dallying had cost him an eternity serving Artemis’s army, the Dark Hunters. The most frustrating part isn’t even that! The power he has been given is that no one would remember him after five seconds when he leaves. It may have been tolerable at the beginning, but after centuries of people not remembering him, especially those who weren’t Dark Hunters or those who came from his bloodline, but now it was just old and lonely. When he accidentally meets a woman after saving her from Daimons, she gives her a kiss he wouldn’t forget. Deep down, he knew she wouldn’t remember, no matter how much he wished she would.


Cassandra had been running away for as long as she could remember. Her parents were dead, her sisters were gone as well. She was only traveling with her friend Kat, moving from place to place. So when Daimons came to a bar, spotting her, she was more than ready to fight. The sudden appearance of a man, who fought the Daimons with ease and saved her, threw her a bit. As the man left, she followed along until he turned around and kissed her. Surprised at the attraction she felt, she wanted to get to know the stranger. As he walked away, so did her memory of him. Yet somehow, she suddenly remembers him. What could this mean for both of them? With someone out to kill her with the belief that she would end their curse, she turns to Wulf for help. Is she doing the right thing in trusting Wulf?

This book presented a unique take on the Daimons. Even though they are considered the enemy of the Dark Hunters, they still have a voice and a story. Daimons are Apollites that take a human soul to prolong their life. The story provided a view on the different communities of Apollites and Daimons. It was quite an eye opener from my perspective.

The great thing about this book was that it gave more depth to the enemy. A fresh view on their situation since it really can’t be easy to know that you’ll die a painful death on your twenty-seventh birthday. It delved into their world and their suffering as a race. The story was actually pretty cool. It introduced a lot of characters, revealed new secrets and still managed to have a decent love story. I honestly feel bad for Wulf. It must get lonely when the only people who remember you are those who are blood relatives. Like other Dark Hunters, he is gorgeous, wears a lot of leather and a real Viking without the blue eyes since all Dark Hunters have dark eyes.

The love story between Wulf and Cassandra wasn’t really that memorable though. It was good in its own way, but didn’t resonate in my memory as well as the other books in the series. Also, it wasn’t quite clear to me how Wulf got cursed. The twist in the end of the book was great though. I absolutely adore it when Acheron gets a bit mad.

This book was great to read. It had action, love and a possibility that the world would end. Although, that was nothing new in the Dark Hunter world, I still find fighting for the world, awesome. There was also a lesson in this book: Never judge others based on a few individuals, because it is our experiences as well as choices that mould us. We always have a choice. I still recommend this book with its flaws.

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