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June 27, 2015

Double the fun and double the experience; the Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD review

Why choose Toyota Hilux Double Cab?

The Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Toyota Hilux HL3 Double Cab 2.5D 4D Manual 4WD. I still feel like rewriting the name all over again to place to it the emphasis it deserves but for now we will call it Toyota Hilux Double Cab or even alternatively I will often call it a Double Cabin, so keep the other details in mind. This model is what I would refer to as my dream car. You may wonder if I lack a sense of fashion not to have the much heralded cars like Ferrari or the Range series. These are all good cars and it’s simply easy to fall in love with them. But what couldn’t you do with the new [...]

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June 22, 2015

A look at the bio-medical course at Oxford University

Ever wondered who scientists are and how they come to happen. I mean who are the geniuses behind every great historical invention. It is human to wonder how a single or a couple of minds can come together and make a historical invention such as the vaccine for small pox or measles, or any other deadly disease that claims millions of lives if the necessary precautions are not taken to prevent its occurrence. Then this category of individuals who are life savers and who give us a permanent solution to epidemics are known as scientists. These individuals specialize in studying the human cells as well as the organs to understand how they function in order to [...]

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June 16, 2015

Labrador Retriever a true friend in need and a helping hand

The Labrador Retriever

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If you are that person who does loads of hard work ranging from hunting to fishing or just mere adventure, you might be looking for an assistant. A companion to help you on your fishing or hunting trips and keep you company as well. You do not have to necessarily look for someone to give you emotional support but rather an aggressive and friendly helper. The Labrador retriever will perfectly well solve your problems. This lab not only acts as a [...]

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June 16, 2015

Cities that say “Love” more than anything

Well, you have probably heard people say that “Love isn’t something that you find, but rather Love finds you.” Well I’m not here to contradict or support that statement. All I’m here to say is that once in a while we tend to develop certain strong feelings for others (notice I’m not calling it “Love” basically because the word is overrated and underrated in equal measure). We do this because we need these people in our lives. They seem to complete our existence; they are people you will do something for, not say words and admire their faces. For the beautiful words that are crafted by wordsmiths (that’s right, “wordsmiths), who seem to be stuck in a [...]

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