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Spirit airlines

Spirit airlines

by February 3, 2015

Cost and efficiency


too many extra costs, especially for usually included amenities

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Final thoughts:

In all Spirit Airlines had good service and, for American travel is considerably cheaper though still not quite as low in cost as some European airlines flying similar distances.

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The American equivalent of Ryanair, Spirit offers low rates between destinations mostly between the US and select locations in the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America.
The start of your experience with Spirit begins at the website where you are overwhelmed with yellow and blue and must close the advert for their own credit card before anything else.
Booking is a fairly straightforward process: select the book tab and the pull down menus are the standard for any airline website. Helpfully, a small box allows users to select to pay using miles – this feature is often hidden or hard to find with other air carrier websites.
After ” loading something awesome” you are given your fare options and alternative dates which will either say that they cost more or less and by how much.
You always start with the Bare Fare unless you are the member of the $9 fare club which allows you to pay more than a 9 dollar fee to save about 9 dollars on flights or baggage.
Following confirmation of flights you are offered the extras: do you wish to book a car? Perhaps your 1 personal item AKA your ( 16x14x12″) bag is not enough for your trip.. You can book a carry on ( $26 dollars for $9 fare club members or $35 for Standard) . For slightly less you can book a checked bag to complete your needs. Prices are not round trip and rather by flight so To avoid paying up to 100 dollars at the airport, make sure you have the correct number of bags for each and every flight online. Do you want a specific seat? Surprise! Extra money to pick it out. Maybe you want to get on with shortcut boarding, or Make your flight more Eco friendly: there are opportunities to pay more money for every detail imaginable.
After all extras are past you can pay your flight and be ready to receive emails offering you more deals and sometimes tricking you into thinkingthat you missed your flight.
Next: the day of your flight:
There lines when I have travelled have been fairly slow, I assume because they have been international flights and because there is the issue of confirming all those checked bags and paying for carry-ons. The boarding processes is fairly smooth, it is divided into groups. The planes again are reminiscent of European discount airlines but with maybe less reading material- on my last flight there were no magazines beyond a forgotten local magazine from a place I have never heard of.
The seats are not very cushy, even for longer flights and if you did not think ahead, you will be charged for any snack or drink ( including water ) if you so choose. If You do wish to purchase, it is card only: adhering to a strictly no cash policy in flight.

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