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Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 13, 2013

Nepal Airlines is an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is owned by the government and the company operates more than 30 domestic and seven international destinations. The airline’s hub is the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The airline was founded in 1958, with the following main objective: to provide air transport service to any agency, organization or person who needs such service for transportation of men or materials from one airport to another either within or outside the country.

In July 1958 the airline was established with one Douglas DC-3. At the start, the airline’s services were limited to Pokhara, Biratnagar, Simara and a few Indian cities such as Calcutta, Delhi and Patna.

In 2004, Nepal’s government had decided to sell off 49% of its airline shares, to the private sector, and gave away management control, while they retained 51% of the shares. With this investment, the airline could get out of a significant debt.

Akash Bhairab, the Hindu god of sky protection, whose symbol is on the company’s aircraft, received a sacrifice in September 2007, following technical problems with an aircraft flying to Hong Kong. The airline said that after the ceremony offered that day the plane successfully arrived at Hong Kong. The airline did not state what the problem was, but local media reports had heard of an electrical fault.

At present the airline operates these international destinations specifically Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi in India and Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and Doha. Direct flights to and from Dubai were resumed from June 2002 and flights to Kuala Lumpur are recently operating since March 2003. In Domestic operations it connects more than 20 destinations inside the airline’s country.

Economy Travel is equally comfortable on this airline. The airline serves exclusive meals specially prepared by chefs of renowned five-star hotels in Kathmandu for the gastronomic delight of their passengers. You can also choose from an array of drinks. There is something for everybody -cocktails, wine and a range of soft drinks.

Business Class passengers of this airline, are entitled to an array of benefits and exemptions, and personalized assistance on board the flight. Their business class passengers are offered priority baggage handling, special check-in, a wide scope of reading materials, a choice of fine cuisine along with a top class selection of wines, and comfortable wide seats. Business Class has a 16 seat configuration; you don’t have to worry about sitting in the middle because there is no middle seat.

The transport system being the principal issue for the country’s economic development, allow the airline’s presence to be a strong way of transportation for national union and has proved to be a symbol of movement and freedom, inside and outside this country. This airline is Nepal’s pride.

Registered head office and customer service contact details for Nepal Airlines:

Head Office Contact Information

NAC Building, Kantipath

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel No: 977-01-(4220757, 4248614, 4244055, 4248617)

Fax:  977-01-4225348


Toll Free No: 16600110787

We would appreciate if other passengers of the airline could share with us their reviews and feedback about this airline.


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • anatovar
    December 15, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Pleasant and clean. This was the least expensive option to fly with and our expectations were fulfilled. We were gratefully amazed! Very affable and polite cabin staff wearing traditional, regional dresses. Great ability to communicate and lots of information given by the captain and flight crew. Good, local food. Arrival of our flight on time despite, delay from BKK. I had no baggage problems and received a high-level of service in KTM international airport. An overall positive experience in spite of lack in-flight entertainment. I would definitely choose Nepal Airlines again and have recommended others to fly them.

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