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MIAT Mongolian Airlines

MIAT Mongolian Airlines

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 13, 2013

MIAT Mongolian Airlines is the national airline of Mongolia, with its headquarters in Ulan Bator. It operates an extensive domestic route and schedules international flights from its main base in the Chinggis Khaan International Airport.  The airline’s acronym is the abbreviation for Mongolyn Irgenii Agaaryn Teever, Civil Air Transport of Mongolia.

The airline was founded in 1956 and was known at different stages, by different names such as Air Mongol or by its current name. It began its operations with the assistance of Aeroflot, it started flights in July 1956 using the Antonov AN-2 from Ulan Bator to Irkutsk, and in addition it used the Li-2 for flights to international destinations like Beijing or Moscow.

After the extension of its international operation the company became a member of SITA reservation system in 1990, and IATA International Air Transport Association in 1996.

In June 2011, the airline began regular flights to the city of Hong Kong. It also ordered three aircrafts the order marks the first time in two decades that the airline chose to expand its fleet by purchasing new aircraft straight from the manufacturer rather than leasing them.

This airline puts safety at the top of its priorities and has been making constant efforts to follow the most stringent international criteria of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The airline was rated with the Three Star Airline Certificate by SKYTRAX in 2013

The airline was previously ranked as a 2-Star Airline, the current level of Product and Service enhancements have enabled their Star Ranking to be awarded at a 3-Star Airline level

Product standards for the airline will improve further in 2013, when it receives its first aircraft direct-from-factory. It will offer complete AVOD entertainment system and PTV screens for all passengers thus enhancing the airline’s inflight product standards. Other options and introductions by the airline during 2013 include new amenity kits, revised onboard catering, and associated comfort items such as pillows and blankets.

Economy Class offers these amenities: meal and beverage service, shared cabin screens show short programs or movies, seat pitch of 30 inch on 767s; seat pitch of 32 inch on 737s, newspaper provided, and baggage allowance of 20kg.

Business Class offers these amenities: superior meal and alcoholic beverage service with dine-on-demand available on long haul flights; welcome drink offered, shared cabin screens show short programs or movies, seat pitch of 40 inch located at front of the cabin in 2-2 configuration on 737-800s and 2-2-2 on 767s, newspaper provided, pillows, blankets and amenity kit provided, baggage allowance of 30kg, brand new 767-300s were introduced in 2013 featuring personal seat back screens with Audio/Video On Demand and lie flat beds in business class

Registered head office and customer service contact details for this airline:


MIAT Mongolian Airlines building, Buyant-Ukhaa 45 Ulaanbaatar 17120, Mongolia

Fax: 976-70049919


We would appreciate if other passengers of the airline could share with us their reviews and feedback about this airline.

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Giuseppe Tovar
  • anatovar
    December 15, 2013 at 5:48 am

    Check in process well and efficient. The flights were on time. Boarding was well done. Cabin attendants did a fantastic job and were friendly. The planes are very comfortable, especially the new aircrafts, you really enjoy your flight. I got the chance to see a recent movie as in-flight entertainment and the seats were nicely spaced. Food on the way there was real Chinese, which is fabulous. I have flown with MIAT Mongolian Airlines on a number of occasions over the last ten years and they are improving all the time. They will really improve with the new project they are undergoing, definitely an airline to consider and watch for.

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