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Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 11, 2013

Kuwait Airways is the national airline of the Emirate of Kuwait. It has its headquarters in the city of Kuwait and is completely controlled by the Kuwaiti Government. It operates scheduled international flights in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East and North America. Its airport of reference is the International Airport of Kuwait. The airline is a member of the Arab Air Carriers’ organization.

In February 1953 two Kuwaiti businessmen raised the idea of forming a national airline. Barely a year later, on March 16 1954, the operations started for the airline. The current name dates back to 1958, coinciding with a change process of renewal of the fleet. In the 70 years the airline expanded its network of destinations to different airports in the Middle East.

The plans for the future of the company were markedly affected by the outbreak of the Gulf War and the subsequent Iraqi invasion of the country, during which the control of the operations was transferred to Bahrain. In spite of everything, the airline was able to maintain the service Bombay-Barein – Cairo-London with a Boeing 727 repainting. After the war the company began a renewal of the fleet. In 2005, the airline signed an agreement with Sabre Airline Solutions for advice on flight planning and personnel optimization.

Despite being the first airline created by an Arab state of the Persian Gulf, difficult to compete with the new companies such as neighboring Qatar Airways or Emirates.

At 02:50 on September 28, 2006 the airline operated the last scheduled flight that took off from the old International Airport of Bangkok Don then follow. In reality, a Qantas flight that was originally scheduled for 18:00 pm on the day before leaving the Airport 10 minutes later because of the delays. The plane was a TO-340-313X that took off from runway 21 right at the 03:00 o’clock position, official closing time.

On 18 June 2007, ALAFCO confirmed the purchase of 7 Airbus A320 and 12 Airbus A350 for their subsequent rental to the airline. It is not very clear the future course of a previous order of the new Boeing 787. There is news that Kuwait Airways intends to buy 27 new aircraft in a period of 10 or 15 years from 2009. In addition, the company also announced that it would be with 2 Boeing 747-400 that Air India no longer wants to after 12 years of service, in addition to other 3 Airbus A310-300 of between 18 and 20 years. In this way Air India is pound of all outdated material, and fixes its fleet with new Boeing.

First Class and Business Class lounges: The special services unit is responsible for all services in the lounges and Dasman Oasis. The unit also considers suggestions from the passengers, thus ensuring a comfortable trip.

Especial service for disabled passengers (deaf/mute/blind/other): Staff of the special services unit would receive and assist the passengers (arrival and departure) in the procedures of passport control, check-in and send faxes or cables to request free of charge.


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • anatovar
    December 13, 2013 at 2:27 am

    I travelled with my husband from London to New York on mid-September 2013. I discovered 1st class to be a very cost-effective option. Check-in was smooth and friendly staff. In the door staff were enthusiastic and boarding was quick. On board, 1st class was clean and looked to be well maintained. Seats were sufficiently spaced. The crew was professional, polite and friendly. Offered portable videos, cased Parker Pen style roller (souvenir), blankets and pillows for support of the neck accompanied by drinks smoked almond nuts, and Arab coffee. 2 hours during the flight they served a 4-course menu. Overall a good experience.

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