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Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 11, 2013

Jetstar Airways is a low cost airline based in Melbourne, Australia. Is a subsidiary of Qantas, created as a response to the low-cost airline Virgin Blue. It has a huge network of domestic destinations as well as regional and international flights. Its main base of operations is the Melbourne Airport.

The airline was founded by Qantas in 2003 as a home subsidiary of low cost. Qantas had previously acquired Impulse Airlines and was operated under the brand name of QantasLink since 2001, but after the decision to create a low cost, this airline was launched under the brand name of the airline. Domestic flights began on May 25 2004, shortly after its maiden flight in February 2004. International flights to Christchurch, New Zealand, began on December 1, 2005. Although it is owned by Qantas, is managed independently of Qantas through the company formerly known as Impulse Airlines – an airline acquired by Qantas on November 20, 2001. Other international flights began in 2005.

The first flight that this airline twinned with Asia Airways took off from the base of Singapore to Hong Kong on December 13, 2004. Qantas has a 42.5 % shareholding in the airline Asia.

On December 1, 2005, it began operating from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast to Christchurch in New Zealand.

In July 2006, this airline and the Asia Airlines were merged under their brand name. Passengers of this airline, the Asia Airways and Valuair made their reservations together in

In July 2007, Qantas has acquired an 18% of the shares in the Vietnamese company Pacific Airways, which will increase to 30% in 2010. The airline was re-launched on 23 May 2008 as the Pacific airline.

On August 1, 2008 it announced that they had signed an agreement with the Northern territory government to convert the Darwin International Airport as its base for international operations with seven aircrafts based in Darwin.

Since the beginning of its operations, the airline has not had any significant incidents. However, there have been three minor incidents:

On July 23 2007, the flight in Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi at Melbourne Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Bali/Denpasar (DPS) after an engine failure. The Airbus A330-200 VH-EBE was only three weeks, and the problem with Airbus was under investigation.

On September 25 2007, the flight that left from the Melbourne Airport to the Honolulu International Airport had ten sick passengers. Passengers, three of them sitting in Starclass and the other in tourist class. One of the passengers had been taken to the hospital upon arrival in Honolulu and the other remained in quarantine.

On June 10 2009, the flight going from Kansai International Airport to the Gold Coast Airport experienced a small fire in the cabin. The fire was quickly extinguished by the pilots, who then diverted the plane at the Guam International Airport. No one was reported injured in the incident.

It currently flies to 19 domestic destinations and 17 international destinations in 7 countries across Asia, North America and Oceania.

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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    December 11, 2013 at 2:42 am

    A recent flight from Auckland to Queenstown with JetStar Airways was much better than expected. There was no queue at the check-in counters. The billing agent was all smiles, checked our baggage, gave us our boarding passes and wished us a good trip. The A320 cab was clean, bright and seemed relatively new. The flight left on time. During the flight the FAs were friendly and professional and happy making conversation with the passengers. We landed in Queenstown precisely on time, our suitcases were on the belt within 10 minutes and less than 5 minutes later we were in a taxi. We were delightfully surprised!

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