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by Giuseppe TovarNovember 20, 2013

Interjet (ABC Airlines, S. A. de C. V. ) is a Mexican airline with a hybrid model of business (LCC – Low Cost Carrier) based on greater efficiency. It has its headquarters in Lomas de Chapultepec in Mexico City. It operates flights to 27 domestic and international destinations departing from Toluca International airport and from the Mexico City International Airport.

The Grupo Alemán, a Mexican company, is sole owner of this airline.

It was one of the first low-cost companies in Mexico and provides the most extensive network of domestic flights compared to its other competitors.

This airline has scheduled international flights to Havana, Cuba and Guatemala City in Guatemala and starting December 1st 2011, regular flights between Mexico City and San Antonio Texas, USA

This airline started its operations on the first day of December in 2005, with a fleet of seven Airbus A320 that had been the property of Volare Airlines, an Italian company. 16 new Airbus A320-200 were ordered to replace the used aircrafts, an order which carried additional 10 aircrafts on January 10 2010. By July 26, 2013, the company had a fleet of 39 aircrafts.

Aero California, an airline based in Mexico City, declared itself bankrupt and closed their operations leaving spaces available to that destination, spaces that this airline leveraged to establish flights to the country’s capital, Mexico City.

Currently the fleet of aircrafts of this airline is 39 Airbus A320 aircrafts, equipped with the latest technology. The cabin is fitted with 150 seats with a 34-inch space between seats, which makes this airline’s economy class seats more comfortable than the other airlines in general.

Unlike other airlines, this airline has a very different frequent flyer program which rewards members with cash instead of miles or kilometers. The aircrafts have cameras with which passengers can see how takeoffs and landings occur. Also thinking about the ladies’ that travel with this airline comfort, they have designated one of the 3 bathrooms on board for the exclusive use of women.

They serve the most important national destinations in Mexico for business and pleasure, and also international destinations such us: New York, Las Vegas, Orange County, Costa Rica, San Antonio, Miami, Guatemala, Havana and Bogota.

Based on official data, this airline ranks second in the airline industry market share in Mexico and, according to recent data from public airline companies, this particular airline is one of the most profitable and efficient airlines in Latin America and the world.

Interjet was the 1st airline in Mexico and Latin America to make a commercial flight with Bioturbosina, the route being Mexico City – Tuxtla Gutierrez with an Airbus A320. The Bioturbosina reduces carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) up to 80 %.  The fuel is produced from oil from the seeds of the Jatropha curcas, a Mexican plant. The oil extracted from the seed becomes Synthetic Paraffinic Biokeroseno (Bio-KPS).  The Bioturbosina is composed of a mixture of 27% of Bio-KPS and 73% traditional jet fuel.



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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    November 20, 2013 at 5:45 am

    I flew round trip from SAT to MTY. The flights were on time, every time. The service was excellent, perfect takeoff and landing. Of course, its price is better than the other airlines. We saved about $200 per ticket. FA immaculately dressed and very friendly and helpful. The pilots keep passengers informed about the route and the climate in Spanish and in English. It was a very comfortable flight. In contrast with other airlines, with Interjet I actually reclined my seat. The web site is very easy to browse and seats can be reserved while booking the flight. Everything is very professional and I do recommend this airline.

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