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Gol Linhas Aéreas

Gol Linhas Aéreas

by Giuseppe TovarMarch 26, 2015

Gol Linhas Aéreas is a low-cost airline of Brazilian origin, with a hub at the Guarulhos International Airport, located in the municipality of Guarulhos in Sao Paulo.

The airline is the second largest airline in Brazil and Latin America, with 37% of the Brazilian domestic market for air transport. It is also the second largest airline in Brazil in terms of fleet size.

It was announced during the year 2006 that the airline would be expanding its presence in the region flying to regional, international destinations such as Argentina, Peru and Chile. The company has transported since its creation in 2000, 50 million passengers.

In addition to the main headquarters, the airline also has bases at the Congonhas International Airport in Sao Paulo, and in Rio de Janeiro at the Santos Dumont Airport. It also has secondary hubs at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, the Brasilia International Airport, the International Airport of El Salvador, the International Airport of Fortaleza, the International Airport of Porto Alegre, the International Airport of Recife, the International Airport of Curitiba, and it is forming a new hub (the only outside Brazil) at the Las Americas International Airport in the Dominican Republic.

The third quarter of 2006 the airline achieved a record net profit of $190 million reales, which marks a growth of 46.8 % compared to 2005. The gross income record for the quarter reached $1.1 trillion reales, which marked a growth of 55.5 % over the same period the year before.

The company ended the quarter with a 36% stake in the domestic market and a 13% stake of international flights, compared to September 2005, the date on which it registered 29% and 2 %, respectively.

At present, the airline is owned by three groups: AeroPar Participações (77 %), Venture (17.6 %) and American International Group (5.4 %).

The airline Employs 16000 people. The CEO is Constantine de Oliveira Junior.

The airline was established in 2000 and on January 15 2001 it starts its activities. In 2004, The airline had already transported 11,600,000 passengers, constituting 20% of the Brazilian aviation market.

On June 24, 2004 Gol was launched simultaneously in the New York and Sao Paulo stock exchanges. During 2006 it develops 78 daily frequencies and opens up two new Brazilian destinations to Ilhéus (BA) and Juazeiro do Norte (EC), and a new international destination: Santiago de Chile.

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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    December 8, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    I used Gol Linhas Aéreas for several domestic flights within Brazil. Now, to be perfectly honest they have a standard product, none of the frills and thrills of major luxury operators, but it is a very reliable airline and although it is considered a low-cost airline, it still offers drinks and snacks on board for free, which is surprising nowadays, and the service is very good. Where the airline rates above or at least at the same level of the legacy European and North American flying companies is in the service as compared to intra-Europe or intra-United States flights. Certainly I would highly recommend them and I will fly with the airline for my upcoming flights.

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