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by Giuseppe TovarDecember 7, 2013

Germanwings is a German airline with its head office in Cologne, is it a subsidiary of Lufthansa. It has, in addition to its hub airport of Cologne/Bonn further bases in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin Tegel, Hanover and Dortmund.

The airline was founded in 2002 as a low-cost carrier. Since 2012 it has gradually takes over domestic and European routes away from Lufthansa from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

The airline was established in 1997 under the name Eurowings Flug GmbH as a 100% subsidiary of the Eurowings Luftverkehrs AG, then founded in 2002 and renamed Germanwings GmbH. From the autumn of 2002 the airline began with five Airbus A319-100 it chartered from Cologne/Bonn airport to fly from tourist destinations. Lufthansa was at this time a 24.9 percent shareholder in Eurowings, exercising a later option its shares increased to 49 percent by 2004.

In September 2003, a second base was set up with two aircraft at the Stuttgart Airport. In 2004, business passengers were at 38 percent, 26 percent were leisure travelers and 21 percent were visiting friends and relatives. The most important distribution channel was the internet with 93 Percent of the bookings done online.

In 2010 The airline opened a further base at Hannover Airport. The airline stationed there 3 A319s and flew direct to 18 destinations. The airline is today the 3rd largest airline at the Hannover Airport.

In the meantime a planned merger of the airline failed with Condor, due to differing opinions on the structuring of the merger. The Board of Directors of the Eurowings AG in its meeting on December 8 2008 announced the sale of all shares of the Eurowings airline to Deutsche Lufthansa AG which took effect on January 1, 2009. This put them under the umbrella of the Lufthansa Commercial Holding. In the meantime they further expanded the network of routes and fleet, for example, with flights between Munich, Berlin, Cologne/Bonn and London-Stansted.

In 2011 Lufthansa announced that in the course of 2012 all European codeshare basis at the Stuttgart Airport would be given to the airline, the domestic connections remained with Lufthansa. This division was a blueprint for other sites.

Since 2013, the airline then successively took over all the German domestic and European domestic flights outside the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich.

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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    December 7, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    I flew Germanwings from Birmingham to Berlin in 5 days the winter holidays. He could not blame timeliness and have reserved the seat price smart were very impressed with the space available. In addition, the plane was very clean and gave a feeling bright and spacious. The food was not very original with the same offer outgoing and incoming, however people must remember that flights are budget and by the money paid everything from check-in on board was excellent. That does not hesitate to go back to use this company and they recommend to their friends and family.

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