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China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 5, 2013

China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in the People’s Republic of China. It is based in Guangzhou and is a member of the global SkyTeam alliance.

The airline was founded in 1988 as a result of the decision by Chinese government to separate passenger Aviation Administration of China.  In 1991 it transported nearly six million passengers, their fleet at that time consisted of 38 aircraft and lines with 90 national and 17 international connections.  The outbreak of the Persian Gulf war may have caused a decrease in demand for new aircraft in the world market, this has allowed airlines to order 4 Boeing 777-200 and 2 777-200ER in 1992, for the further development of long-range routes.

In 1994 as a consequence of the removal from the Chinese government restrictions related to foreign capital investment in airlines. The airline began talks with United Airlines about cooperation, and also worked with a few US carriers concerning the training of crews and aircraft maintenance. Revenue increased twofold.

The first Boeing 777-200 was delivered December 28 1995, and the airline was the first airline in Asia with a Boeing 777 in its fleet. The first long-haul connection: Guangzhou- Beijing-Amsterdam is opened in 1996. The following year the first connection over the Pacific between Guangzhou and Los Angeles, operated by the Boeing 777 aircraft, also started and three years later they also started to support connections to Sydney and Melbourne.  Also a codeshare agreement was signed to increase offer for international services.

Despite the fact that most airlines in China are independent companies, most orders for new aircraft are entered into by the company China Aviation Supplies Import & Export Group. In 2003 it placed an order of 4 Airbus A330-200, to be delivered by the beginning of the year 2005. In April China Aviation Supplies Imp. & Exp. Group orders 30 Airbus A330S. The first aircraft was delivered in February of 2005. And one month before, an order of 5 Airbus A380-800, was made, which should have been delivered in 2008 just before the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. On the same day Chinese government signed a high-value contract for the delivery of 60 Boeing 787 for 6 Chinese lines including China Southern Airlines. The first Airbus A380 was delivered in October of 2011.

The airline has been awarded 4 stars in the ranking Skytrax. This is currently the largest 4 star airline. The first commercial flight of their new Airbus A380 took place on October 17 of 2011.


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    December 5, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Return of SYD-CAN-CDG. China Southern Airlines welcomes you aboard, they hand you slippers, amenities kits, Bulgari Pj’s, and pre orders for drinks and newspapers. The seats were very comfortable and are converted into flat beds full, that when you want to sleep are composed with a cover of a mattress. The service was attentive and although English is not their first language. Attendees were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The food was excellent – 7 courses. Although it is not extensive, the wine list has good Australian red & white wines and a selection of French wines. Champagne not offered and hoped that it would have been nice. The only disappointment was the entertainment, the films of the west 5-7 that after a few hours have been depleted. Luckily we had notice and took an iPad. There is no problem with the transfer in Guangzhou, the lobby though, was a little warm, as the air conditioning was not working well in a space that large, but there was showers, food and wine which was very pleasant and comfortable. The time to travel to Europe is approximately 6-7 hours. In return we had a delay in Guangzhou and the China Southern staff we met on the plane escorted us to the hotel in their own transportation at no cost for the day. We were able to sleep most of the flight which makes a big difference as we were pretty fresh as we arrived. We would recommend this airline and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

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