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Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways

by Giuseppe TovarDecember 9, 2013

Established in April 2004, Jazeera Airways was the first non-government owned airline in the Middle East and continues to be one of the few Middle-East based non-government owned airlines to this day. Its hub is the Kuwait International Airport.

This company is the largest airline, out of Kuwait, that serves the Middle East. They currently fly to 19 destinations across the Middle East and operate a modern fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft all fitted with their signature leather seats and a two-class cabin. The airline’s Economy Class amenities include 40 kilograms in free baggage allowance for each passenger, a complimentary alternative of on board meals that change every month, so their frequent travelers can always count on a new meal experience when flying with them. Their Business Class travelers get both an upgraded experience and particularity that start with exclusive check-in lines and access to a business lounge, free baggage allowance of up to 60 kilograms, in addition to special meals, and an exclusive on-board cabin.

The airline is the new low cost and sole private airline in the Middle East and was already profitable with 8.7 Million USD return in 2007. The airline now has 2 major hubs:  Kuwait and Dubai. This airline owns a modern fleet of 8 Airbus A320s that carried 1.2 million passengers in 2007. The company sells over 60% of its tickets online with 5 million hits a month from across the Middle East and 20% through call centers and travel agencies.

The airline has grown from its founding up to become the second largest airline of Kuwait as well as it has popularized the low-cost flights in the Middle East. The company announced in July 2009 that one of every four takeoffs from Kuwait International Airport was carried out by one of its planes and that one of every four passengers in Kuwait had chosen the airline as their favorite airline, leading it to be the largest operator in that airport. This airline had the largest number of operations that month with 1,834 takeoffs and landings, beating its competitor in a 4% of operations.

In 2011 this airline carried 1.2 million passengers in total across their network, which includes, leisure, family, high-demand business and weekend destinations such as Bahrain, Beirut, Dubai, Damascus, Amman, Alexandria, Assiut, Sharm El Sheikh, Istanbul, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Luxor, Mashhad, Riyadh, Cairo, Sohag, Kuwait, and Jeddah.

This airline has a passenger increase of 200,000 with each new aircraft. This company is the trendsetter in innovation and the first airline in the world to enable its passengers to use mobile phones, to send emails or to access blackberries on board since 2009.

Al Jazeera Airways is a low-cost airline whose base is in Kuwait. It operates scheduled flights to the Middle East. According to the statistics of July 2009 to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Kuwait,

Registered head office and customer service contact details for this airline:

Head Office Contact Information

PO Box 29288, Safat, Kuwait

Phone number: 965 2433 3304

Fax number: 965 2433 9432


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • anatovar
    December 15, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    I flew Al Jazeera Airways with 2 friends and enjoyed the flight pretty much. Check in great, friendly staff. Invoiced 2kg bag above and was not asked for extra payment. Flight was perhaps 40% full so I had an entire row to myself. Comfortable seating (more space than other airlines in Europe), flight attendants friendly and smiling. Clean bathrooms. Flight on time, check in very quick and easy. Shipment by bus (as usual in Jeddah). Onboard service was great for the flight. Airshow all the times on the screen. Arrival on schedule. Very good experience great value for the money.

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