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Clean Master for Android – Is it Really “The Best Cleaner You’ll Ever Need”?

Clean Master for Android – Is it Really “The Best Cleaner You’ll Ever Need”?

by February 10, 2015
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The Clean Master App is a must-have for any Android user. A Cheetah Mobile product for Android phones (and tablets), this app claims to boost the speed of your device, cleaning the junk files from apps, and protecting against malicious apps and vulnerability. The Clean Master App won Cheetah Mobile the AV-TEST”S 2014 “Best Android Security Product” Award.

If you’ve ever experienced a phone or tablet that has become slow or runs out of battery life too fast than you understand the aggravation. Nothing is worse than trying to do some quick online research and have the device take several minutes to load the webpage. Or getting involved in a game or online project and have the dreaded “battery is low” pop up on your screen. If you’re at home this might not be a big problem. It is, however, bothersome to have to sit in one spot near an electrical outlet. If you’re away from home and do not have access to feed your battery than, well, you’re simply out of luck.

However, the Clean Master could mean the end of those hassles. They claim to be “the best cleaner you’ll ever need”. A great attribute for any product. Imagine resolving all of your aggravating phone or tablet issues with just one app.

What They Claim 

  • Easier clean-up of junk files
  • Boosts speed and memory
  • Enhances speed
  • Extends battery life
  • Stops over-heating issues
  • Protects against malicious apps and vulnerability

A one-year-old Samsung Galaxy Tablet that was slow, froze often during games, and had a battery life of just a few hours was used to demonstrate the usefulness of the Clean Master App. The Google Play Store offers a free download of this app.

The App

After opening the App I was immediately taken to a screen with information about my device. There were two bubbles at the top of the screen. The first bubble showed my storage space usage (mine was 78%). The second bubble showed 85% RAM. It was suddenly clear why this tablet was running so slow and experiencing episodes of freezing, not to mention low battery life.

Beneath the two bubbles are four boxes with four different features:

Junk Files – Clicking on this box will allow the user to clean up junk files quickly and easily. Clean Master displays all the apps that contain junk files along with the option to clean them up.

Phone Boost – Allows the user to speed up their device, extend battery life, and check the CPU cooler. Giving the CPU temperature of the device Clean Master will advise if the device is too hot or too cold.

APP Manager – Here you will see any apps that are causing the device to slow down. This feature also enables the user to uninstall unwanted programs and apps. From here the user can also search and download new apps.

Anti-virus – This option will take the user to a screen that advises whether or not the device is at risk. If there is a potential threat there is a “Fix” button available. However, Clean Master does not fix the issue. Instead, the user is directed to download another app. The CM Security App must be downloaded prior to using the Anti-virus feature.

A Quick Note About the CM Security App

The CM Security App is a free download for the Google Play Store. When opening the app for the first time the user is prompted to create a security lock passcode (The App Protector) by connecting 4 dots to make a personal pattern. The app then proceeds to to list every app on the device and gives the option to lock any or all apps on the device. It is a great privacy feature if your phone or tablet gets lost or stolen. The finder (or thief) will be unable to access private emails and apps, even if they are able to hack into the device.

The Positives

The Clean Master download only took a few moments. Navigating through the app was easy and walk-through steps are provided. The Samsung Galaxy tablet that was used in the demonstration now loads faster and doesn’t freeze. The Internet is faster, games load faster, and the battery life has been extended. Each of the apps on the device is now protected against viruses and privacy is retained with the App Protector passcode.

The Negatives

The only negative I could find was having to stop in the middle of using Clean Master so that I could download the Security App. The advertised words, “the best cleaner you’ll ever need”, is a little misleading. To be the best app you’ll ever need means it would be the only app you would need to boost your system. Having to download another app to utilize the Anti-virus feature means that the Clean Master is not the only app you’ll need.

All-in-all, the Clean Master is a great app. For the most part, Cheetah Mobile lives up to their claims. I gave it four stars simply because I felt a little mislead. Otherwise, the Clean Master is a 5-star app.


For anyone that has an Android phone or tablet that runs slow, looses battery life quickly, or is concerned about viruses (and aren’t we all?) the Clean Master is a must-have app. Keep in mind that you will need the CM Security App to use all of the features that Clean Master has to offer. I highly recommend running the features of Clean Master once per day. You might be surprised how much “junk” your games and other apps can accumulate in just 24 hours.

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