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Updating your LinkedIn profile and more traffic for your articles

Updating your LinkedIn profile and more traffic for your articles

by anatovarFebruary 17, 2015
If you have been approved as a Premium Reviewer, you can update your LinkedIn profile to indicate that your current occupation is with – you will find us on LinkedIn.
You can use any of the following descriptions in your profile:
“Premium reviewer”
“Freelance Journalist”
Remember that social media sharing, on every article you write, is an absolute essential. Fortunately there is more you can do with Linkedin: Using your LinkedIn account to share your posts is also a great way to attract more attention to your articles. In fact, I would suggest sharing every article you create on LinkedIn. This will create a permanent backlink to your article and help put your author profile on the map. My honest opinion is that you should not waste time writing articles for LinkedIn – as there is no revenue share. What I don’t suggest either is ever paying for LinkedIn. Only use the free version, and do not sponsor any posts – as they are too expensive. Instead, if you want to sponsor posts, use Google Adwords and Facebook post promotions – because you will be able to buy traffic for as little as 2 cents per click.
The bottom line about using LinkedIn?
  • Using LinkedIn profiles to indicate where you work and what you do is awesome
  • Using LinkedIn to SHARE all your posts is pretty awesome too
  • Build your connections on LinkedIn – everyone who is a connection, will see your future article posts that you share!
  • Remember that spending money on Google Adwords and Facebook is much better for your business!
Be awesome in whatever you do – Build a following and share great stuff with people online!


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