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New review opportunities in education

New review opportunities in education

by Giuseppe TovarFebruary 14, 2015

Reviewing thins like cars and Iphones are awesome because it attracts many visitors, however given that every few months new models are released, it means that your content can become outdated, realistically, after about 14 months. Obviously if you attract a good social media following, you can still earn very good money, but I would like to share with you what I see as a much better opportunity where your content can have validity for at least 5 years or longer:


By creating a good 1000 word review on a University such as “London School of Economics” or “Harvard Business School”, you will own content that is visited by many new aspiring students every year. By talking about the University league tables, the most popular courses currently offered by the University – and even the names of popular alumni and senior lecturers or professors, you automatically expand your keyword base to attract so many new visitors. I thought of sharing with you a specific sequence that could improve your Adsense earnings within the Likedreviews community, which will also bring great benefit to your readers, so here is what I recommend:


Create a 1000 word review about a University. Right now it is awesome because there are more than 400 Universities to choose from – many editors did not yet capitalize on this!


Add the LOGO of the University as your feature image – and make sure that the filename of the logo matches the name of the University. This way your article will get picked up by Google images.


Find a popular Youtube lecture that is taught by the University and add it in the “feature video” field. Then sum up all the positives, negatives, and leave a star rated review


Create more articles, each 500 words, about different courses offered by the same University, for example MBA, Psychology, MSC, Finance and so forth. Then, in each article, you provide a LINK back to the main University review you created earlier.


Frequently revisit the main 1000 word article, and add news snippets to it. For example, if you set up an Google Alert and receive a notification that Oxford Univesity lost the boat race in London Thames, then go back and add that to the bottom of your article. This will refresh your content and will ensure that new readers continue to find your article.

To conclude, here is what I like most about education writing:

a) The cost per click is very high. You can earn $5 per click on these articles!

b) The trend is long term: Your content won’t be outdated anytime soon

c) It is easy to build links to these pages as education is considered helpful all around the world.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above – and if you can suggest ways in which our circle of writers can improve this concept whilst bringing a benefit to our greater community.


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