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by adminJanuary 24, 2015

FAQ’s for premium reviewers:

What is a premium reviewer?

Premium reviewers are approved members who earn money from Google Advertising and other sources from reviews and articles they create.  They also benefit from the scale and volume advantage of the Likedreviews community. To retain active status as an approved reviewer, they comply with the reviewer terms and conditions.  You can apply to become a premium reviewer here. 

Why become a premium reviewer?

You make far more money than having your own website. This is because we are a massive , fast growing online community with some of the worlds best reviewers. All you have to do to activate your earnings is to notify us when you produced your first 10 reviews. Then you need to remain an active writer by producing a minimum of 30 reviews per month. Our tech support team will manage any difficulties with the website – and you can focus on doing what you love best, which is to write excellent reviews.

Do I need a Google Adsense account in order to be an approved reviewer?

If you do not have a Google Adsense account, you may request to receive payment via Paypal. You need to provide us with your Paypal email in order to receive monthly payments. If you have your own Google Adsense account, you receive 100% revenue from Google. If you use Paypal, we deduct a 20% processing fee and send 80% of your revenue to you.

How much money can I earn with

Typical earnings can be anything between $500 and $10 000 per month. It all depends on how hard you work. These variables are important for your earnings:

a) The more visitors you attract to you content – and the better the quality of your content, the more revenue you will make.

b) Some topics (and countries) can have a very high cost per click (i.e. web hosting reviews, university reviews, mba and degree courses) whereas other topics (and countries) have a lower cost per click. Your audience and topic is a key factor. For example, 200 US based Facebook followers will earn much more revenue than 200 India based Facebook followers. You should attract followers in high paying countries – and choose topics with a high cost per click to earn more.

c) The more good quality links you create to your content, the more visitors you will receive

d) Building a loyal following via Facebook and Twitter and sharing all your articles will increase visitors to your content.

e) Your revenue is determined by the amount Google Adsense pays for each click a visitor delivers to advertising displayed alongside your content.

When do I start earning money?

Find your feet around our system and read the guidance on how to publish good reviews. Start submitting good reviews for approval and watch the website to see them live. If our editors see that you are serious about producing good content, they will quickly approve your content. You need to notify us as soon as your first 10 posts have been approved: We will then activate your payment.

How often do I get paid?

Premium reviewers in active status receive their payments once per month via Paypal or directly from Google Adsense if they provided us with their code. How much you get paid will depend entirely on how much visitors you attracted with your content, and how much Google paid for the advertisements. The payments you receive from your clients for premium articles is a separate matter that you handle in person.

What is a “Top reviewer”?

Frequently we choose a “Top reviewer” whose content is promoted for additional traffic. We do this to help those who are excellent at review writing, to earn a lot more money. We rotate this function at least weekly, so every week you have a chance to be the “Top reviewer” and earn more than any other reviewer!

Can I create articles and reviews for any category?

Yes, you do not have to focus on one niche. For example, if you love American and Brazilian Cities, and sports cars – and you love fashionable clothing, you may very well write about cities in America, Brazil, Sport Cars and Men or Womens fashion. There is no limit and you can write about absolutely any category within our community. You can also contact us to propose new categories.

I am a full-time reviewer with How can I increase my monthly revenues?

Your first priority should be following the advise and training available here. Once you have mastered that consistently, including Social Media and Adwords marketing, you can also reach out to corporate businesses. Remember, as an influential writer, you can charge a company for a news article but not for a review, thus if you sell 20 well written articles @ $150 per article, you will add a further $3000 per month to your revenue.

When and how do I get paid a monthly revenue?

Google will pay you once per month if you provided us with your Google Adsene codes during the sign-up process. Alterhatively, we pay you once per month via Paypal.

How do clients pay me for professionally written articles?

Once a client agreed to the article’s content, they should pay you upfront before you publish the article. You can send them a money request via Paypal and receive that money directly from each client.

Why am I not allowed to charge money for a review?

If you write a good review and promote it well, you will earn enough money from Google Adsense. Our premium reviewers should be unbiased – and by accepting money for reviews, you cannot guarantee that you are unbiased. Remember you can charge money for an ordinary article – and even for an article that is linked to a review, but not for an actual review.

What is a “custom sidebar”?

Each premium reviewer has a custom sidebar with their name. This is important because the sidebar contains your unique adsense code, which generates your revenue. When creating a new post, you must always select your own name or publisher number under custom sidebar to ensure that your ads will be displayed.

What is Duplicate content?

Duplicate content is not allowed on as it does not help our community in any way. This includes the duplication of content that already exists on our website, or on other websites. Please do not create duplicate content as it may lead to a suspension of your account.

What is SPAM links?

Due to our stritct policy on outbound links, we consider any link that is directed outwards of the community to be SPAM. This includes affiliate links and coupon links.  Please do not create SPAM links as this will lead to suspension of your account. Our main priority is to help writers earn good money by providing excellent magazine articles and reviews, not to promote external websites.




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