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by March 6, 2015

really tasty


long time to prepare
it could be a little expensive

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In Italy we have an atavic sense for cooking.
Cooking, for us is a way to demonstrate love, to socialize and taking care of ours dears, with our traditional recepies that are often poor and simple, but really genuine and tasty at the same time.

Our secret is that we do all at home, we don’t use to buy pre cooking meals. To cook italian food at home you have to learn this simple rule: AVOID PRE COOKING MEALS.

Today I propose to you a simple and healty sunday dinner italian menu, with wich you will satisfy and surprise your family!

This menu could be a little expensive, because italian products are not the cheapest things in USA, and basically they are imported, so more of the things that you find at the mall that you know as “italian product” is for the USA market, and they are not really italians products. So, my advice is to buy high quality products but if I were you I’d prefer to buy American brands, no necessary italians brands.

The menu for today is:
Risotto salsiccia e vino rosso (italian sausages and red wine risotto)
Scaloppine al vino bianco (white wine scaloppine)
Bunet (really tasty piedmontese recipe)


Ingredients for 5 persons:
17,63 oz of regular white rice (not basmati or thai)
5 tbs butter (high quality)

4 cups of vegetable soup (home made)
-1 tomato
-2 potatoes
-3 carrots
-3 celery stalks
-4 cups of cold water

3 basil leafs
1 tbs of white wine

Step 1.
At first you have to prepare the vegetable soup, this step will take you at least two hours, DO NOT USE VEGETABLE DRY SOUP, take your time, and you will have the best results!
It is real important to wash very well all the vegetables, so, peel potatoes, carrots and the onion and then rinse all vegebles togheter with abundant water.
Once time you have washed all The vegetables, take them into a pot with four or five cups of cold water and let boil them for at least one hour and an half. Add a little bit of salt (taste to know if it is salty enough).
Remember that the more you let boil The vegetables, the more your soup will be tasty.

Step 2.
Make little balls with the sausage and put the in a pot with a tbs of olive oil, and let them brown. Then put them in a plate, they will be usefull in a second moment.

Step 3.
In the same pot you have to warm 2 tbs of olive oil and then add an half onion cutted in cubes, wait until the onion become light brown, than put the rice and mix all togheter. Now you can add the wine and mix again.
After one minute you have to add the soup a little bit per times, until the rice is ready.

remove the pot from the cookers and add your balls of sausage, butter and parmesan and then mix all togheter. Serve immediately.

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