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Gorilla Sports Red Rubber Kettlebell 28kg

Gorilla Sports Red Rubber Kettlebell 28kg

by October 16, 2015

For factory-new quality kettlebell for this price I would recommend it.


Known for some rough horns, I don't face this problem but many people apparently do.

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Final thoughts:

To put the whole matter into a nutshell, I would say if you want a quality factory-new kettlebell that will last quite a bit go for this product. It's as cheap as it gets in comparison to other factory-new kettlebells. But you might find really good and cheap deals on ebay or craiglist. There are so many kettlebells for sale. Just search a bit.

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Let me start by defining what a good kettlebell is.

1) Duruability/quality: In my opinion it is number 1. priority. If you buy a kettlebell you want some decent quality for your money. Does the kettlebell gets damaged after use? Then it’s a bad one.

2) Price: Does the kettlebell has a reasonable price? excoriations after use

3) Material of the horns: Does the material injury your hands? Do you have excoriations after Military presses ? Then it is bad.

So this are the princepels on which I judge the kettlebell.

to 1) I used the kettlebell for about 2 years almost daily, at least 5x times week. I do military presses, goblet squats, swings, windmills and basically every other kettlebell move. Until this day there was no problem with quality, I regualry drop the kettlebell on the ground ( no rubber on the ground) and there are no signs of damage on the kettlebell. I

Moreover I accidentally forgot the kettlebell outside and it rained… still no rust or anything. Seems to be great quality.

Suitable every kettlebell exercise, if you are strong enough to handle the 28kg. I’m totatlly statisfied.

to 2) I do own the 28 kilos kettlebell and paid 64,90€ plus free shipping and I’m fully statisfied with this price/quality. It is definetly worth the money. Shipping was super fast, about 3 days. There are way more expensive kettlebells on the market. This is as cheap as it gets, I think.

to 3) Many people claim that the horns are rough on the hands, but I never had that problem. I think it can occur, but I did not have to deal with this problem. Maybe I’m just luckly, but the material is quite good.

All in all, I would recommend the product. Although I have to say there might be cheaper alternatives to get a quality kettlebell ( ebay or craiglist).

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