The iPhone 6 has made life easier and fun. The features mentioned are simply enthralling and must-have for future smartphone technology. There is simply nothing to take away from this latest apple technology.


Apart from the enlarged physicality which some may find a bit ambiguous, the iPhone 6 is the next great gadget in the current market frenzy of smartphones.

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This is a recommended gadget to any tech-conscious people out there looking for the ultimate leader in smartphone technology.

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The Great Smartphone Technology

This is just the biggest technology breakthrough. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus have been able to advance both the hardware and software features at a go and make them function in perfect harmony. Apple was not just able to produce the most powerful gadget, but also managed to make a very efficient and effective phone brand ever. iPhone 6 is not just about the increased physicality to its size; it is ideally the biggest yet the thinnest phone making it the coolest thing to walk around holding in your hand. It has also managed to advance its internal features.

 Ok, this might sound a bit awkward, but I will still let it off my chest. Every time there was a special occasion in my life, to which I expected people to come bearing gifts, I always spent a great deal of time cross checking to see who would be able to bring my fantasy to reality (have always been a diehard fan of the iPhone 6). Until one day, I woke up and said enough was enough. Since this phone comes at a pocket-friendly cost, I decided it was time I got out of my cocoon and did myself a favor by grabbing me this epic phone. And this still remains the best decision I ever made in the past 25 years (and mind you am 25 years old).
If you’re not yet convinced that this phone is just what you need to make your life awesome, let me go ahead and elaborate in depth all the fun you’re missing by not purchasing the iPhone 6. I don’t even think I should refer it as a phone, as I kind of feel like am undermining it, so let’s just call it the iPhone 6. Despite rumors going around that there are new models of other phones cut the chase on iPhone 6, I will give you some of the advanced technology installed in iPhone 6 that will make you second guess this rumors and also think twice before believing them.

Best Features

Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling.

In the past years, it has been very difficult to make a voice call while browsing your stuff on the web. But that is now history with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. These Verizon customers are now able to surf the web when on a voice call. It sounds untrue right; I didn’t believe it myself until I used it over and over again. This new iOS 8 has the ability to make calls when out of coverage; yes I said you can talk over the phone when network services are not available. Regardless of how untrue this may sound, it is happening but only with this new tech-sent iPhone. This Wi-Fi calling feature is best especially for people living in areas with spotty network coverage.

Camera High Dynamic Range
This new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus takes the best photos ever, this is partly associated with its HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging). For each snapshot you take, the IOS 8 camera application takes three snaps and combines them into one photo. This betters the photo especially in low light conditions. This HDR technology works best to perfect the light to dark ratio in a photo. The camera can also work perfectly well after switching off the HDR. Especially when taking a photo and want the vivid colors to stand out. These enhanced camera technology also has the feature of optical image stabilization, the M8 motion co-processor has the ability to sense the shaking of your hand when taking a photo and consequently compensates for these with the image processing as well as the camera lens movement.

Increased sensors
iPhone 6 has a large number of sensors, with this new model having a barometer installed in it. These many sensors have the ability to note small changes in your surrounding especially small weather changes and altitude changes. This makes your iPhone 6 the best data storage device.

Now, this is what I love about my phone. Being able to permanently deal out the issue of hacked passwords, forgotten passwords, and many more problems experienced with my previous phones. The new touch ID technology enables you to protect your phone with the best password ever; – your fingerprint. This can also be used to secure your personal documents from unauthorized access. This touch ID technology has been combined with other technologies such as passbook with NFC technology to help you do better online shopping. These combined technologies enable you to directly pay for your products with just a single tap on your screen.

The iPhone 6 has an enlarged screen that best suits you when playing games or watching your favorite movie, as the images are perfectly brought out without any blurriness. With the enlarged screen, a one-hand operation may be difficult, but this is perfectly taken care of with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus as there is the reachability feature. By tapping your screen twice, the upper part of the screen that is out of your reach, slides down and occupies the lower part of the screen making it accessible single-handedly, and once you’re done a double tap returns the screen back to normal.

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