Its a must have if you need to smell great and be confident.


You need to be careful before purchasing especially those who are allergic.

Everybody wants to smell super nice in fact, fragrance can control our emotions. Nothing is more evocative of both place and time that an excellent scent. Here I have compiled a list of a few perfumes that should definitely make it to your 2015 Christmas wish list.
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne
This is definitely going in my spring wish list. I have never at any point owned a Jo Malone not even as much as sprit zed her fragrance on me. But I have been constantly recommended to try this fragrance because of its excellent quality, elegance and a scrumptious feel and for that reason; it must go on your list too! It’s pricey yeah but it very guaranteed on its quality. It’s delicious and autumnal just like its name suggests.
The Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum
One word that can be used to describe this fragrance is awesome! This perfume is rich, classy, and sexy and it’s absolutely brilliant. I know there is well, when it comes to celebrities and their perfumes, there is a little bit of stigma or rather a reproach but this is particularly a very sexy scent and I think it would even be a greater scent for the cold months that follow the New Year.
Ralph Lauren Romance
This is one of the refined options of Spring eager jumpers out there like myself. It’s so fresh and it evokes a woman’s and brings out the timeless essence of pure love. It’s for all the women that love to celebrate simplicity with elegance, a seductive musk, velvety woods scents and the sensual essence of romance and it’s meant to flatter.
BVLGARI Black Eau de Toilette Spray.
This colognes bottle would even make you want it just by a glance. Its round glass bottle that is surrounded by a black tire, rubber and heat gives the impression of hot asphalt or the attic in a beautiful summer home filled with a collection of beautiful antics. The BVLGARI is interesting, unique and a must have cologne for any guy who likes to smell different.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum
You have to hand it to marc Jacobs, he is always elegant, enchanting and very playful. This 2015 perfume is definitely a classic. Its gives a fresh and feminine scent that just reeks of pure but playful innocence and sophistication. This has been described as a sparkling floral bouquet, a spirited and fresh fragrance that is wrapped in warmth and comfort. Daisy makes a hell of a Spring gift for her.
Katy Perry Purr Fragrance
Well, now not only should you enjoy her brilliant pop music but you can own one of her top perfumes as well. This perfume name (purr) was originally inspired by her cat woman stage outfit. A sweet creamy fruitiness and floral fragrance has been likened to the singers’ playful but yet sophisticated personality. This should go to your Spring list for your woman. She will purr for sure!

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