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March 6, 2015


In Italy we have an atavic sense for cooking. Cooking, for us is a way to demonstrate love, to socialize and taking care of ours dears, with our traditional recepies that are often poor and simple, but really genuine and tasty at the same time.

Our secret is that we do all at home, we don’t use to buy pre cooking meals. To cook italian food at home you have to learn this simple rule: AVOID PRE COOKING MEALS.

Today I propose to you a simple and healty sunday dinner italian menu, with wich you will satisfy and surprise your family!

This menu could be a little expensive, because italian products are not the cheapest things in USA, and basically they are [...]

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March 1, 2015

Deceptively Delicious: Parents, your veggie problem may be solved.

Like a lot of parents, I have a veggie problem.   That is, my kids have a veggie problem.  They refuse to eat them.

It started the moment I introduced fruit to them as babies.  They loved their pureed peas, carrots and broccoli, but the moment I introduced fruit to them, it was all over.

And it’s been an uphill battle ever since.

Every night at dinner, it’s the same thing, cheering them on, cajoling, begging, bribing.  It’s enough to make me pull my hair out.

Dinner should be a pleasant experience and I want to leave my kids with happy memories of dinner times together.

So that is why, when I came across this book titled [...]

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February 23, 2015

Starbucks Hot Cocoa- As Good as their Coffee?

Ah, just the thought of Starbucks conjures up the rich aroma of coffee grounds and hands wrapped around a warm mug of deep, rich coffee.

Well, not for me, but for my husband who is a Starbucks addict.  He has to grind his own beans of course, (don’t ask me why)  and adds just a touch of milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar to a huge cup of coffee.

Not me.

When I have coffee (rarely),  I add so much cream and sugar that I worry for my health.  Maybe that’s why hot chocolate is more my speed.   I love the sweetness of hot chocolate, but it can’t be too sweet, (I know, I know, I’m picky).

Swiss Miss and Nestle hot chocolate don’t do it [...]

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February 23, 2015

The Pioneer Woman Cooks- And I love every bite

I can honestly say that this cookbook has spoiled me for just about every other cookbook in existence.

But I’m jumping ahead, I’m jumping way, way ahead of myself.

Let me explain.

This cookbook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an accidental Country Girl  is delightful in every way.  Written by Ree Drummond, this book, her first, is a compilation of her most well-loved recipes on her wildly popular blog:


The pictures

The recipes are classic American home-style comfort food:  Steak, Potatoes, Pot Roast, Chili  but somehow they are made new and exciting again by the pictures: oh the pictures in [...]

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