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Tar Bar Review – For The Smoker Who Just Can’t Quit

Tar Bar Review – For The Smoker Who Just Can’t Quit

by February 5, 2015

It seems quite affordable


You are still a smoker

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If you’re a smoker, you probably know all too well how difficult, and seemingly impossible, it is to quit. It doesn’t matter how many times your doctor tells you about the horrible side-effects. It doesn’t matter how many often that a loved one begs you to stop. Quitting smoking has to be a personal choice.

As a smoker for over four decades (yes, I know! Please don’t preach) I have had a few  fleeting moments of a half-hearted desire to quit. Both my mother and grandmother passed away from cancer due to smoking. My 76-year-old father suffers from COPD  that he acquired from years of inhaling tobacco smoke. Yet, I continue to smoke. After all, we all have to die someday, right?

My stubbornness to continue smoking comes in second to no one other than my sister, Sheryl. There probably isn’t a disease or condition that she hasn’t suffered from. Okay. Maybe that’s a little exaggerated. But I assure you, not by much.The point is that no matter how often her doctor has urged her to quit smoking and no matter how many illnesses she is diagnosed with she just doesn’t have the desire to stop. To her, she has already given up so many things that she enjoys (alcohol and certain foods) that smoking is a vice she refuses to abandon.

A few months ago I noticed that Sheryl was using a clear plastic filter on the end of her cigarettes. When I asked her what the filter was for she advised me that they were called “Tar Bar Disposable Filters.” According to her, the filters helped her breath better since they collected much of the tar and other harmful substances that are found in cigarettes. She urged me to try them for myself.

Tar Bar costs about $2.99 for a box of 30 filters. Each filter can be used for up to seven cigarettes (this will not apply if you smoke 100’s). As you puff on the cigarette you see the tar and other substances collect inside the filter. It’s a shocking sight for sure when you realize what is actually going into your lungs.

I bought my first box about three weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the filter does not change the taste of the cigarette at all. In fact, when my box was empty and I had to smoke without the filter, I noticed how much harsher the cigarette felt in my throat. After about three cigarettes without the filter I started coughing and my voice became hoarse. I quickly ran to the store to purchase another box of Tar Bar.

Tar Bar advertises that after one week you will notice the benefit of easier breathing. Not only did I notice easier breathing I was also informed that my sister’s doctor is now recommending Tar Bar to her patients who can’t give up the nicotine habit. It turns out that during a physical exam the doctor stated that Sheryl’s lungs sounded better and asked her what she had been doing. Sheryl was happy to pull out her box of Tar Bar Disposable Filters to show the doctor what “she had been doing.”

Tar Bar lives up to their claim. If you’re a smoker who just can’t quit, Tar Bar may be the answer for you. At less than ten cents per filter you can’t afford not to use Tar Bar Disposable Filters.

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Michelle Bentley
Freelance writer for over twenty years. Credits include a weekly newspaper column, two novels, blogs, and most recently, reviews. I love to write about all types of topics and issues.
  • Jordan
    February 11, 2017 at 8:28 pm


    How much do you like it?
    Is the item, place or service good value for money?

    I bought a box 2 days ago and i been giving one out to my family and friends to try out. They are awesome and it is wild to see what could have been in your lungs.
    My only slightly negivitve thing is that you shouldn’t use a fresh one at nigt and use it the next day, doesnt taste as great but not too bad.

  • jack
    February 1, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    I used tar bars. I needed to quit. COPD and a ER visit. 66 yrs. old
    when I quit before I used the patch. It works. So I decided to quit and put on a patch. Next day, I never found time to go get a patch and replace old one. Still was NOT craving a cig…What??? it has been weeks and I still have not put on a patch.
    I think the TarBars reduced so much crap from my cigs including nicotine that it was very easy to cold turkey which never would I have thot I could do that. I used the bars for 4 months prior to quitting. Here’s to a life with AIR……yeah

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How much do you like it?
Is the item, place or service good value for money?