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The Harbinger

The Harbinger

by Giuseppe TovarNovember 9, 2013


The Harbinger is a novel that is very popular and has even reached the number one spot on the The New York Times Best Sellers List.  The book, is about the discovery of certain signs from God, found in the Old Testament, and which are applicable to the United States, referring in particular to the events that occurred during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

This novel is in somewhat of the same spirit as novels such as National Treasure or the DaVinci Code. A good work of fiction, The Harbinger divided into nine parts, with an ending that is somewhat of an extension of two chapters. I actually really liked several aspects of those last two.

The main message of The Harbinger, seems to be a very sincere request for the people of America to repent their evil ways and search, or return to God with all sincerity. This novel declares that God has sent signals, nine warnings or premonitions, to the United States, to rouse people from their spiritual slumber, so that the country pays attention, repents and escape the judgment ahead.

The main characters in the story are a journalist and a mysterious prophet. The central event in The Harbingers occurs on September 11, 2001, during the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. As the fictional story develops, it is revealed that the portents or warnings and the judgment are directly related to a prophecy that is found in the book of Isaiah. Cahn draws nearly all his conclusions by connecting America with Israel, based on a Bible verse: Isaiah 9:10. Throughout the book, the United States is presented implicitly as a nation that has a covenant with God. Cahn gives much emphasis to the warnings while promoting the idea that if the United States heeds to the warnings, repents and returns to God, the restoration and all the blessings will come next.

Cahn focuses on the devastation of the land the twin towers occupied as verification that God has removed your his covenant of protection to the United States. The manner in which Cahn decides which events of contemporary history God uses for its specific purposes is interesting.

But, are these the prophetic viewpoints or only speculations?

For many, the selectivity on Cahn’s part creates the momentum for the most outstanding parts of the book.

Another omen or warning to America is what The Harbinger refers to as The Tower.  Cahn makes a biblical connection with a tower, a vague reference that the main character makes when he is asked how he could know the graphical representation of the Tower of Babel. He answered that he did not know the tower of Babel personally, but that he had seen illustrations of such a tower.

One might also notice that the author points to some very intriguing information related to the events of 9/11, when trying to connect the Jewish “Shemitah”, the law of the Torah, to allow the land to rest and to eliminate debts on the seventh year, at the end of seven year cycle, as a warning to the United States

Cahn suggests that George Washington’s inauguration in New York City was a covenant of America with God, similar to the covenant of the Temple of Solomon in the Old Testament.  And history has revealed that masonic rituals were part of Washington’s inauguration. So there’s plenty here for fans of historical, and in this case religious iconography fans, which books like those I mentioned in the beginning have opened up a big market for worldwide.


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Erik
    November 9, 2013 at 5:06 am

    It is a good book but also a book that has caused much controversy, especially in religious communities, as the book says that America has an agreement with God, and there is a direct correlation between Israel and the United States in the events of 9/11 and after them. I’m not religious myself, but I respect people with religious beliefs, just as I try to show respect for all my fellow human beings, but one thing I did notice with this book, is that the response to it seems to be quite polarized, and it has caused quite a stir amongst people who do have strong religious beliefs. It’s a good read though! Enjoy!

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