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by Giuseppe TovarNovember 11, 2013


The Giver, by Lois Lowry is considered a modern classic, set in a dystopian society. Her first publication was carried out 20 years ago, that is to say, before the dystopias such as the Hunger Games of or Divergent were published and dystopias had the boom they currently have. Therefore in The Giver we found a totally innovative society the likes of which we had not, up to now, been able to witness.

Jonas has been waiting for this moment for many years; the time to be twelve had come, the day on which the Committee of Elders determines what functions he has to perform from now and throughout the rest of his working life. Something very strange is about to happen, something that had not happened for years will happen, a simple decision that will completely change the rest of Jonah’s life, a fact that will make you discover the greatest secrets of the perfect society in which he lives with his family and friends.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the society in which Jonas lives is a dystopian society a totally new and innovative one that we have not seen before, since it is not influenced by any of the modern dystopias that are currently all the rage. It is true that Divergent is somewhat reminiscent of The Giver, and we can see the why of the great reception that book received in its time, both by the great ambience as well as the well-structured story.

In fact, The Giver, the first part of a tetralogy, is a simple book that is mainly based on the explanation of the society it is set in, and is therefore a little lacking in action. For this reason, I thought it was great as an introductory book into the series, but that did not disappoint me even a little, because despite being a little slow, it does a fantastic job of setting you into the action that will follow in the later tomes. You will realize that are scenes with very shocking surprises that might leave you breathless, but scenes such as action, fighting or other similar items that you might be accustomed to finding in books such as this you will not find. That, however makes it no less of a great book.

Despite the minor flaws I found in The Giver, if only to discover a new dystopian society with a perfectly built, innovative and totally sensational structure is definitely worth the read. It is not a dystopia as those we are accustomed to, I know I keep saying this, and I don’t just come out and tell you why it’s so different from all the others, but I do this because if I were to give away more of the details, that would be what one would consider a “spoiler” and I’d hate to spoil for you one of the books best surprises. It is true that Lois Lowry did not give The Giver too agile a pace, nor an ending as perfect as one might hope for, but Jonas will get keep you hooked no matter what happens in the end, leaving you wanting more.


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Giuseppe Tovar
  • Izabella
    November 11, 2013 at 1:48 am

    The Giver by Lois Lowry is a roller coaster: at the beginning, the tension and the pace was not too fast, but when you discover this great universe that Lois Lowry has created, suffering that pace is worth the wait. As you get further into the book your curiosity will be peaked, and the book will not seem that slow to you anymore. So you’ll really be looking forward to discovering how the book will end. A well- crafted ending that you will not be expecting. And definitely a dystopian society that you have not seen the likes of before!

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