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The Book Thief

The Book Thief

by Giuseppe TovarNovember 10, 2013



The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, presents us with a Nazi Germany at the beginning of the Second World War, and Death is a guest narrator.

The book is has a distinct point of view than most of the fare coming from this era, as the Jewish people were not the only ones who suffered at that time. And there were also Germans who passed certain hardships and deprivation during the war. People of a different ideology to that which was established by Hitler, were questioned and severely punished.

The story revolves around Liesel Meminger, a young, German, orphan girl who will be facing difficult challenges from a young age, due to her mother’s insolvency. Leisel is sent to 33 Himmelstrasse, a home where she will be taken in by the Hubermans, a couple that while quite humble will provide , Liesel with support and affection, although each of them will demonstrate in their own way.

The Books Thief, will grow up in an environment where family ties are strengthened on a day by day basis.

A beautiful novel, that is exciting and extremely human, which describes the adventures of this nine year old German girl from the time she is given up for adoption by her mother, until the end of the war. Her new family, simple people, who are not fans of Nazism, teach her to read, and through books they achieve distraction during the bombing, the fighting and the sadness. But it is the book that she herself is writing that eventually will save her life.

This book has some wonderful and unforgettable characters. This is the first time that I fell in love with every character in a book. Liesel, a strong and courageous girl made me appreciate words even more than I thought possible; and the Huberman’s, humble people with gigantic hearts, made me see that small deeds  are the most important and unforgettable. The book teaches us that even in darkness you can always find a small measure of light that will change your life.

And on top of all this there was someone very special to me: death, the narrator of this story. When I began reading, I thought that this character would be impartial, cold-hearted, but as I was progressed in the story, I realized that Death was quite the opposite. Death, made me value and love this story, as it is well deserved. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, is a different and interesting read.


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