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C Primer Plus (5th Edition)

C Primer Plus (5th Edition)

by Ephantus MucheruFebruary 21, 2015


The dynamism in the Information and Technology field is very unpredictable hence making some of the Best C Books hard to find. The same dynamism makes this field to be very competitive hence only capable of entertaining some of the great minds in the field. To be able to be experience in any given field you need to have a good understanding of the same. Books can provide you with an avenue where you can gain more knowledge and expand your skills. In the C programming language sector, the Best C Books can provide you with this opportunity. Amongst all the Best C Books in the world, the C Primer Plus (5th edition) checks out in every aspect. The book can be used by both the beginners and even by the gurus in the field. This is because the book offers the readers with an easy to read experience, a detailed analysis and explanation to concepts and some vivid explanations. Just like with any other Best C Books; the main goal of this book is to provide the reader with an opportunity of learning more about the C language.

This particular book presents you with a platform where one can learn more about creating small but fast programs and also modifying programming codes. The C Primer Plus (5th Edition) has been revised to include explanations and examples which make it possible for persons with no prior knowledge in programming to easily familiarize himself or herself with the concepts.

What the book offers

Well worked programming exercises and examples – this particular revised edition comes equipped with some 20 new and quite easy exercises which are aimed at equipping a beginner with the knowhow of the C programming language. This feature makes it possible for the book to stand out amongst the other Best C Books. Furthermore the illustrated examples will provide the reader with an opportunity of practically making use of the C language to develop programs.

Incisive concept explanation – the book contains examples illustrated in a tutorial form to allow for the in-depth understanding of concepts. This book also has review questions and a number of programming exercises which a reader can expose himself to them after completing the reading part.




Advantages of reading the C Primer Plus (5th Edition)

  • As a beginner you will gain a lot from reading this book. In simple terms, this book is the best of the best amongst the other Best C Books.
  • The book contains a step by step explanation to instructions and strategies relating to the programming language.
  • The review questions found within the book provides the reader with an opportunity of actually putting into practice what they have learned.
  • The book also provides you with precise and very easy examples which allow you to have a proper understanding to the programming language within a very short time.



Disadvantages associated with reading the book

  • Some may say that the book kind of provides difficult explanation to concepts and explanation to exercises.
  • The book also tends to be back dated and old fashion considering the numerous numbers of the alternate C programming languages that are currently available.
  • One of the most vital aspects which normally put off many readers concerning this book is that it does not offer any discussions relating to IDE or any other supporting environs.
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