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The 10 benefits of a memory foam mattress

The 10 benefits of a memory foam mattress

by Jacques DippenaarSeptember 29, 2017

Experts agree that we need eight hours of sleep. Sleep is vital for good health. But you can forget about a good night’s rest if your mattress lacks the correct support.

Compared to other types of mattresses, memory foam mattresses are ideal for sleeping as these mattresses are composed of high-density foam, which are soft, and energy absorbent. Therefore, investing in a memory foam mattress could help you sleep better.


The structure of a memory foam matters 

However, let us look a closer at the major benefits that a memory foam mattress will offer you.


1 Offer pressure point relief

Memory foam, besides used in airplane seats, are also used in wheelchair cushion seats in intensive care units, as the foam offers protection and comfort for patients. The human body is not meant to lay still in one area for too long. However, those that are bed bound, due to an accident or illness, could be laying too long in a static position. The upward resistance and the pressure of gravity pulling downwards in to the bed could lead to damage of body tissues. Memory foam reduces back pain in these areas that are in contact with the mattress. Furthermore, there are fewer chances for bedsores developing, as the mattress does not push back to the person sleeping in the bed.

2 Provide active back support

These mattresses support every part of your body. This means as you lay down, your spine will lay in a neutral position, as every part of your body is supported correctly. Plus, as the high-density mattress supports different areas of the body correctly, it ensures that your spinal cord is aligned as it should be.


3 Avoid and discard pain

The value of these mattresses being that they can relieve and avoid pain. The comments of people who have tested a memory foam mattress concluded that they felt less pain, particularly in the hips, shoulders and back. Therefore, it is understandable that many of people investing in a memory foam mattress are people who suffer from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. This as the mattress counters the body weight, by offers enough support for the body’s alignment and provides pressure to the sensitive areas of the body.

4 Allow for diverse sleeping positions

Memory foam mattresses come in different firmness options. Besides that, unlike some mattresses that are design for a particular sleeping position, with these mattresses you can sleep in different positions – be it on your back, side, or stomach. The Visco foam in the mattress cradles every single part of your body evenly without any uncomfortable pressure, allowing you to comfortably snuffle away.

For instance, people who prefer to sleep on their sides, this mattress will support the hips and shoulders while it provides support to your waist, but retains your spine intact. However, people who like to sleep on their back, the mattress will curve around the spine, yet providing plenty of lumbar support and allowing the back to relax. For those that favor sleeping one their stomach, the foam will support the back correctly without any burden on your back.

5 Long-lasting mattress overlays

When you are making an investment in a memory foam mattress, you are also investing in quality. These mattresses have a long lifespan, and offer superior durability due to the high quality of the materials used. Plus, unlike spring type mattresses, these type of mattresses are less likely to sag.

6 Low maintenance

To take care of your mattress is literary a breeze. All you need to do is a few times a year is rotate your mattress and sometimes give it a vacuum.


7 It provides temperature controlled support

The memory foam mattress is designed in such a way that it can adjust to your weight and body temperature. In fact, the mattress is made from temperature sensitive material that permits for those type of changes. This means as the temperature raises the mattress will react and become soft, thereby creating a favorable environment for sleeping. Whereas during the colder months, the mattress can retain extra heat, which means more comfort and warmth for a peaceful sleep.

8 These are allergic-friendly mattresses

A memory foam mattress is manufactured from polyurethane material that are anti-allergic material. This means that it repels allergic causing particles from building up in the mattress. This is ideal for people who are suffering from allergic reactions to dust.

9 Offers motion transfer resistance

Many couples would know this, sharing a bed with your partner can be annoying. Luckily, a memory foam mattress is able to absorb the surface movement that happens when one partner moves around in the bed. This means that the other partner’s sleep will not be disturbed.

10 It can fit an adjustable bed

A memory foam mattress, since it flexes well, can work with an adjustable bed. The mattress can adjust to the different base position, but without conceding its strength. This is all due to the high quality of the materials and technology within the design of the mattress.

Choosing a mattress – where next?

If you are looking for quality, for an excellent night rest, then you should consider the best mattress that is technically superior to a standard mattress. One that can custom itself around your body, and offer the spine support you need. It is well worth considering a memory foam mattress when you are looking for a new mattress.

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