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February 4, 2015

Hilarious Improvised Weather Report as Numbers Go Crazy! (Fox News)

Cory McCloskey must have been hot under the collar the other day as he delivered this weather report on Fox 10 Phoenix! Watch as he rather seamlessly navigates this bizarre weather report on the fly and manages to keep his cool. Which is more than anyone could do up at Cave Creek where it was reportedly 2960 degrees Farenheit!

If you are going to Arizona anytime soon, be sure to pack the sunscreen.



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February 2, 2015

Nike 2015 Sprint Track Spikes: Superfly Zoom R4




2015 is here and Nike have dropped their latest track spikes for sprint athletes, the Superfly Zoom R4, in new colorways. As an elite sprinter myself, I thought I would give a rundown from my perspective.

First thoughts:

I ordered these Superfly R4’s in white. Visually, these spikes look very impressive. The elegance of the crisp white upper contrasts well with the brilliant sheen of the spike plate, providing a classy chrome appeal on the exterior. Also in the box are the standard array of plastic spikes, spike key, and bag for transportation.


The flywire technology Nike uses here on this spike [...]

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