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June 6, 2015

Ten Things you should know about Turin, the devil s city.

Top TenHeat IndexSORT       1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisThen things you should know about Turin All TimeSORT  1Must Read:Why Everyone should visit ParisTurin, the most mysterious city in Southern Europe, rises along the Po river. The legend was told by Emanuele Thesauro (poet and historian 1562-1654) in “Historia dell’augusta città di Torino” (LINK1) and says that the town was founded by an Egyptian prince, Eridano . He left The Egypt because of disagreements with the priests castes. Crossed the Mediteranean Sea, and arrived in the North of Italy in which  he discovered a river, the Po, that reminds him the Nile, so he settle [...]

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March 6, 2015


In Italy we have an atavic sense for cooking. Cooking, for us is a way to demonstrate love, to socialize and taking care of ours dears, with our traditional recepies that are often poor and simple, but really genuine and tasty at the same time.

Our secret is that we do all at home, we don’t use to buy pre cooking meals. To cook italian food at home you have to learn this simple rule: AVOID PRE COOKING MEALS.

Today I propose to you a simple and healty sunday dinner italian menu, with wich you will satisfy and surprise your family!

This menu could be a little expensive, because italian products are not the cheapest things in USA, and basically they are [...]

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