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February 7, 2015

Xbox One review: A console that’s future-proof than ever

Microsoft has been hugely successful with the Xbox console franchise. In fact, its Xbox 360 proved itself to be the living room’s best all-in-one entertainment device. But with the technologies today, the 360 is on paving its way to legacy as the 10-year-old console has a fairly weak set of components than is expected for the future. Microsoft has took the big leap in the advancement of the Xbox with its release of the Xbox One – a gaming console that doesn’t just serve its purpose in gaming, but also to be the go-to all-in-one general entertainment device that centers your living space. This is the review of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s leap forward to the future of [...]

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February 7, 2015

Figuarts Zero Nami Battle Version Review

Name is one of the members of the Straw Hat crew in the hit anime series One Piece. With cat-like charm and sexy wits, she is the official navigator of the pirate gang. Like all other members, she also has a price upon her head – a hefty sum of 16,000,000 belly (unit of monetary in One Piece World). She does not possess any special power but she has a combat weapon – a bo-staff which can create and manipulate weather.

Since 2010, Bandai have produced a wide collection of One Piece action figures in a series they called Figuarts Zero. The company have already created several versions of One Piece figures, including New World, Strong World, Battle and Dressrosa. In August 2012, [...]

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February 7, 2015

Nexus 9 review: the pure Android tablet experience

Google is one of the top tech companies in the world. Their Nexus line of high-end products delivers top-notch performance. After the success of their entry to the tablet game with the Nexus 7, Google is now set to challenge its biggest rival in the tablet wars: Apple. With the Nexus 9, Google has finally developed a tough competition in the tablet market today. This is the Nexus 9 review, and read on to know why this tablet is the best Android tablet you can buy.


The Nexus 9 is outsourced by Google to Taiwanese electronics company HTC for its manufacturing, but Google designed the tablet in its Mountain View headquarters. One of the key considerations for this choice [...]

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February 7, 2015

The Infinix Alpha Marvel X502 Smartphone Marvels!

The Infinix Alpha Marvel smartphone is a product designed from France and manufactured in China. It has been trading in the market for some time now. Also known as the X502, the smartphone has made waves in various regions and I felt I should say something about it after I bought it 8 months ago. It is not quite known compared to other brands such as LG, Huawei, Tecno, BlackBerry and Samsung that have flooded the market. However, its connection with France is something to tell you that it is a top notch brand.

For those who have used it, they may have had an awesome experience with it. It is something you would want to buy. The Infinix Alpha Marvel smartphone fits in the class [...]

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